Statement of Ethical policy

Statement of Ethical policy

1. Editorial Board Members

They should

  • Guide on the policy of Journal and to publicize the journal to attract new contribution.
  • Keep manuscript content confidential.
  • Be careful of incident of plagiarism.
  • Examine the manuscript content on merit irrespective of any concern to religion, race and gender of the authors.
  • Allow reviewers reasonable time to evaluate the manuscript.
  • Request the reviewers to disclose any conflicts of interest.
  • Inform the reviewers that they are not permitted to make use of or take advantage of the work being reviewed by them.
  • Ask the reviewers to keep the manuscript content confidential.
  • Recognize the contributions of reviewers by sending them letter of thanks.
2. Authors and the corresponding authors
  • The research papers for publication should carry consent of all the authors. They should add, delete, modify the manuscript where necessary on the request of Editors/Editorial Board.
  • Authors should submit original work with the statement attesting to the originality of work they submit.
  • If the authors have used research work done by others they must fully quote its reference.
  • If any figure is taken from previous published work, authors are advised to seek a written permission from original authors/publishers and mention the source in the footmark of table or figure.
  • 3. The names and email Addresses entered in this Journal site will be used exclusively for the stated purposes of this Journal and will not be made available for any other purpose or to any other party
4.Peer Reviewers
  • Provide unbiased feedback on the academic merits and scientific assessment value of the work along with their remark.
  • Report about accuracy, originality and clarity of the work.
  • Avoid criticism or biased remark.
  • Keep the review report confidential.

The identification of authors or other contributors is necessary to establish accountability for the reported work.

Publication (Ethics for Publication)

The editorial board has the responsibility of maintaining ethical policy/practices to uphold integrity. The editors shall adopt appropriate measures to identify and check malpractice. In case of allegation of any misconduct, the editorial board shall deal with it as per guidelines of the board. The editors should not encourage misconduct and practice under any circumstances.

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